James Salter's 1969,  "Three"
A little-known late sixties drama that's not only currently unavailable, but has never seen the light of day on DVD.  This movie is so hard to find that I really don't care if it is good or bad- I just want to watch it.


  1. Sam is so handsome. Andrew and I were at M Cafe one afternoon and there he was, sitting by himself...and handsome as ever.

  2. Hey! I took the photo of Charlotte Rampling and Robbie Porter and Sam Waterston for the poster. It was at Cap d'Antibes in the late summer of 1968. My work is at: http://www.rowlandscherman.com

    You know, I never saw that poster, although I heard that it was used. Probably never got paid for it either. I used what was then the new fast, grainy Kodak 2475 film.

    1. Hi Motamanx- i can't believe I hadn't seen your comment until now, apologies about that. That is so amazing that you took the photo for the poster. And it is even more amazing that you found it here on my blog. This is one of my favorite posters ever!!! I saw your work and I am speechless. I love your photography. Simply amazing!!!
      Thank you so much! xo BB