the extraordinary difference

 Fred Hayman / Rose Apodaca

  Laurie Mulstay / Eri

Mike / Laurie / Bebe 

 Jeremy Scott

 Jeremy / Bebe

 Jeremy / Eri

 Chris Cope and Stephanie Senter of Sunset Marquis

 Mike / Jeremy

 Arianne Phillips / Bebe

 Eri / Arianne / Mike

 Bebe / Eri

on Wednesday night Arianne Phillips and Jeremy Scott hosted the book launch of Rose Apodaca's Fred Hayman The Extraordinary Experience.  
This event was hosted on opening night of Caulfield's, Laurie Mulstay's chic new restaurant at The Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills.

the restaurant is named after Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye, the interior features a giant mural depicting the Hollywood Ten, the group of blacklisted actors, screenwriters, producers and artists in the 1950's.

Get your copy here.

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