last night we were invited to the signing and party for the exclusive special edition book "It's Always Darkest Before Dawn" by our friend artist Jeremy Kost.  The book signing was at the Marc Jacobs (BookMarc) store on Melrose and followed by the opening reception for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood.

 eri and mike

 eri wears a one of a kind flâneur necklace, her own design.

 mike and eri

 my copy of the book
#15 of 200

 "It's Always Darkest Before Dawn"

"To Bebe, Lykke Li ain't got nothing on you! Thank you xoxo"

after after party dinner and drinks at Sunset Marquis Hotel, one of our favorite hotels in LA
 eri and ivan

mike, bb, and michael



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